Harley-Davidson Wireless Headset Interface Module

Wireless Headset Interface Module

It's time to cut the cord with your bike.
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About this Wireless Headset Interface Module

It's time to cut the cord with your bike. Now available for '14-later Touring and Trike models equipped with Boom! Audio 6.5GT Radios, this Wireless Headset Interface Module (WHIM) lets you communicate with your bike without being wired to it. The WHIM Bluetooth adapter permits wireless connectivity to the 6.5GT Infotainment system, allowing you to communicate via CB radio, hear turn-by-turn GPS directions, listen to your favorite radio stations and so much more all through your Bluetooth-enabled headset. Impact of Retrofit on Wired Microphone Functionality: Upon installation of the WHIM, your motorcycle’s wired microphone functionality will no longer be available. However, wired audio will continue to function as before.
 Bluetooth wireless technology that integrates with the 6.5GT Radio
 Wireless interface permits full access to the Infotainment features without the hassle of being connected to the bike
 Seamlessly use all wired headset functionality (CB, Phone, Intercom, Navigation, Radio) without the compromises of aftermarket systems
 Dual headset connectivity - two Bluetooth-enabled headsets can be connected to one WHIM
 Module mounts behind the fairing and connects directly to the radio, eliminating external wires and connections to console and Tour-Pak communication port
 Harley-Davidson headsets feature proprietary software that delivers superior audio quality with stereo output compared to non-Harley headsets which provide a mono sound output
 Completely compatible with current H-D wireless headsets and volume can be adjusted from motorcycle hand controls