KTM Brake Lever Protection

Brake Lever Protection

Upgrade your ride with the KTM Brake Lever Protection 61313932244, a purpose-built solution that enhances your motorcycle's resilience and control, allowing you to ride with confidence and peace of mind.
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About this Brake Lever Protection

Engineered to prevent unintentional lever operation upon contact with another rider or vehicle, this protection enhances your control and safety on the road. Its shatter-proof plastic construction ensures durability and resilience, with the added benefit of an individually replaceable plastic protective bracket.

The KTM Brake Lever Protection 61313932244 seamlessly integrates into your bike's design, featuring a high-grade cast aluminium handlebar attachment. With the convenience of easy exchange for the standard handlebar weight, this accessory offers both practicality and versatility.

Protection of the lever in case of unintentional ground contact
No unintentional operation of the lever if contact is made with another rider/vehicle
Easy exchange for the standard handlebar weight
Lever protection made of shatter-proof plastic
Handlebar attachment made of high-grade cast aluminium material
Plastic protective bracket is individually replaceable

Supersedes KTM part number 61313932144

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1290 Super Duke R 2014-2023
1290 Super Duke R EVO 2022-2023
1290 Super Duke R Special Edition 2016
1290 Super Duke RR 2021-2023
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