KTM Touratech 45L Left Case

Touratech 45L Left Case

The KTM Touratech Case Left 60312922000 is a rugged and reliable side case designed to withstand extreme use in challenging environments. Crafted with a body made from 1.5 mm thick aluminium, this case offers exceptional strength and durability.
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About this Touratech 45L Left Case

  • Exceptionally robust
  • Resistant to the toughest stresses and strains
  • Easy handling and operation
  • Easy to mount
  • Extremely torsion-resistant
  • Extremely durable
  • Suitable for long-distance travel
  • Made of high-strength aluminium
  • The corners are made of impact-resistant plastic
  • Permanently and tightly connected to each other by a special riveting process
  • Body made from 1.5 mm thick
  • Built-in locks (not included in delivery) can be retrofitted without the need for drills or files
  • Dimensions: 443 mm x 283 mm x 393 mm
  • Load: 10 kg

Please be aware that this product requires one of the following case carriers:

Black Case Carrier 60312912144

Silver Case Carrier 63512912044